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What is Estonian Food?   

Estonian food first and foremost reflects our pure nature. Our versatile grasslands, bountiful fields, lush forests, wetlands and bogs, the sea, lakes and rivers have been important sources of our food for centuries. They provide Estonians with good and genuine food on all of the four seasons.

When introducing Estonian cuisine, one must mention the food products that have been irreplaceable for our people. The most traditional foods on the tables of Estonian homes are bread, milk, meat, fish, vegetables and forest bounty.

These food products are used to prepare several traditional dishes that have been around for centuries. But Estonian cuisine is also a passion for many of our top restaurant chefs who have integrated several contemporary delicacies made of high-quality and genuine Estonian food products into their menus.

A short introduction to Estonian food:

Estonian food in spring long text

Estonian food in summer long text

Estonian food in autumn long text

Estonian food in winter long text




Eestit, meie toitu ja toidukultuuri tutvustav trükis on kättesaadav kõigile, kes räägivad Eesti toidust oma sõpradele, klientidele, koostööpartneritele, külalistele jne. See on hetkel valminud kolmes keeles ning trükifail on kõigile kättesaadav.

Fail annab võimaluse trükist vajalikus koguses tiražeerida.Trükiste elektroonilised versioonid on näha allpool, trükikotta saatmiseks vajaliku faili saadame eraldi, kui võtate ühendust

Booklet - Estonia. Taste of Four Seasons

Booklet - Viro. Neljän vuodenajan makuja

Booklet - 爱沙尼亚.四季色彩

Booklet - Estland. Geschmack der vier jahreszeiten

Estonian cuisine is a reflection of everything that makes us a unique nation. This is why it is worth to talk about our important national symbols, heritage and peculiarities when talking about food. The booklets prepared by the Estonian Institute come in handy when doing so.

Booklet – Estonian Heritage

Booklet – Estonian National Symbols

Booklet – Estonian Things

Booklet – A Dozen Questions about Estonia

Booklet – Estonian History in Pictures

Booklet – Estonian Cuisine (The Estonian Institute)




When preparing materials that introduce Estonian cuisine, be sure to use images that demonstrate the clean, delicious and genuine nature of Estonian food. Please refer to the webpage or the author as the source of the image.